Exploring The TR Essential Oils

With so many options we thought this page might prove beneficial. Although we've tried to make "the journey" as convenient as possible, we find we don't read minds all that well, so our purpose is to help alleviate any confusion you might encounter as you peruse this website.

Once you have perused this page and the front page, your next step is to go to "FINDING YOUR ESSENTIAL OIL" for information on each of the essential oils and their price...The Body System Oils Are Listed Alphabetically, and all you have to do is click on the picture.

1) 10 ml Bottle Every TR Essential Oil is displayed with a graphic of one of the oils found in the ingredients of the blend. The graphic will link to the information on the 10 ml bottle of the desired blend.

Recommendation: Use a carrier oil with your essential oil to capture all of the vapors of the essential oil and drive it deeper into the skin. (See Carrier Oils on number 5 for more information).


2) 10 ml Bottle with MATCHING NASAL INHALER If you are thinking of buying the 10 ml bottle and an Inhaler, it only makes sense to save money by buying the combo. By combining the 10 ml bottle with a matching Inhaler, you save $5.00 on the price of the Inhaler. We recommend using an Inhaler after your Rife sessions for the "Recall" value that is possible by inhaling from the Nasal Inhaler between sessions.

3) ROLL-ON The convenience of the Roll-on is the ability to carry it in your pocket or purse, your coat or wherever a glass bottle is not practical. The Roll-ons are all 10 ml and have a dilution of 10% fractionated coconut oil. The fractionated coconut oil serves a dual purpose. It allows the ball-bearing in the Roll-on to function smoothly, and it provides the amount of carrier oil recommended when using essential oils. It does not reduce the effectiveness of the Essential Oil

4) NASAL INHALER The Inhaler is a simple, convenient means of carrying the TR Essential Oil with you and preventing possible breakage or loss of your 10 ml bottle.

Application: Do not ram the inhaler up your nose; you may dry out your nasal passages. Instead, hold it under your nose (as much as 4 inches below the nostril if you are sensitive to essential oils or smells in general, and closing one nostril, inhale deeply into the other. Repeat this procedure 3 times on each side.

IMPORTANT: The cellophane wrapper on the products are to protect the label and should not be removed leaving you to unable to read its contents. We learned the hard way how easy it is for the print on the label to fade away with constant use

5) CARRIERS are founded on page 12 of "FINDING YOUR ESSENTIAL OIL"

Carrier oils are important in preventing the problems of skin sensitivity and the potential loss of the scent's vapors once released from the bottle. Applying an essential oil "direct to location" without a carrier is referred to as applying it "neat". This may be practical for a cold sore or wart which has a small surface, but when using the essential oil "neat", there are precautions to consider. (1)some of the valuable scent immediately evaporates into the air. (2)Some essential oils are considered "hot" and can cause a bad reaction to the skin when applied without a carrier oil or lotion. (3)The carrier oil containing the scent helps drive it into the skin which is where we want it to be. (4)covering a large area becomes expensive when no carrier is present to help move the oil. It only takes one or two drops of a good quality essential oil to perform as desired.

Which Carrier Is For You? All the Carriers are available with the desired essential oil included or available unscented. The carrier oil comes in a HTPE container.

Fractionated Coconut Oil is the other carrier option. Coconut oil is currently popular and used for many things including healthy cooking and skin care. Fractionated Coconut Oil, unlike the coconut oil you buy at the store, does not change with the temperature. Because it is fractionated, it remains liquid, non-gritty, and you don't need much to get results.

6) THE PACK The Pack for each TR Essential Oil is more of an introductory pack. It includes your chosen TR Essential Oil plus a Nasal Inhaler, a Roll-on, and a 2 ounce Fractionated Coconut oil. You may find The Pack helpful if you don't know where to begin or, realizing your sessions may be long-term, the assortment may help deciding which modality you prefer when you reorder.

Sue may be of help with what is the best choice for your particular need.

LASTLY: We are a small company with a personal interest in helping True Rife clients on their journey towards a healthier life. Should you decide to take advantage of the extra boost that TR Essential Oils provide for the Body Systems, we encourage you to also consider contacting us for more information on how you can best accomplish your goal. After all, we share one goal in common and that is to be able to function without pain, injury or other discomfort.

Do not hesitate to call Sue Jones, (269) 779-0236.

"If I can't answer your questions or concerns promptly, I will seek answers from those more able than I. The bottom line is if there is an answer for you, we'll do our best to find it. We are not doctors, but we know you wouldn't be using the True Rife machine if you didn't believe there is help available, so call us and let us help". Sue Jones