The physical effects of Essential Oils is both sedating and stimulating. It is achieved more quickly by Inhalation than by other methods of delivery.

The opposite reaction could be obtained depending on whether the dose is a small or a large one.

For example, a low dose of Lavender (the Universal Oil) is calming and helpful for sleep whereas a high dose makes sleep difficult and may be impossible. This is why, notably for anyone lacking schooling on the Essential Oils, we continue to say, "LESS IS MORE", and continue to recommend Inhalation versus other methods..


Studies have shown that Peppermint Essential Oil aroma enhanced the sensory pathway for visual detection which allows subjects more control over their allocation of attention, in essence from the Brain to the Cells.

There are also studies that demonstrate the psychological and physiological parameter that can be changed due to Inhalation of Essential Oils. Many of the response of these studies were assessed by electroencephalogram recordings from nineteen locations of the scalp.


Topographic maps were plotted from the amplitude spectra in four frequency bands.

1- theta (4-98 Hz)

2 - alpha (8-13 Hz)

3 - delta (1-4 Hz)

4 - beta (13-30 Hz)

All scents used affected the EEG in at least some of the subjects, and all subjects responded to at least some scents. EEG map changes occurred in one or more frequency bands in each subject with the most consistent responses to scents being in the theta frequency band.

It is not clear from studies whether or not personal like or dislike of the scebt has a real bearing on the effects of Essential Oil Inhalation, but the conclusion is that, if the scent was found to be pleasant, the mood perception was significantly increased while unpleasant scents significantly decreased mood perception.

Clients tend to be more relaxed and more receptive to the session when a positive response from the aroma of the Essential Oil used is perceived as pleasant.

How Essential Oils Work


The First is to condition the air inhaled in preparation for its journey into the lungs

The Second is to act as the organ of the Sense of Smell. An average human breathes in about eight liters of air each minute or approximately 3 1/2 pounds.

This probably means that more than a million molecules are taken in with each breath, and a remarkably low number of some odorous molecules mixed in the air intake can be detected by humans. People have a very sensitive Sense of Smell but have poor perception and difficulty in describing the quality of a scent because the olfactory input is widely distributed in the amygdala and phylo-genetically primitive cortex (the development of a particular group of organisms), without direct projections to the Neocortex.

The Cortex is the outer layer of an internal organ, and the neocortex is the thin, gray layer of the Brain's cortex usually associated with human thought and higher intelligence.


When the Essential Oil is inhaled, a message is sent through the nose to the limbic system which triggers a memory or emotional response. This response can cause messages to be sent via the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that regulates many body functions such as temperature) to act as a relay and regulatory to other parts of the brain and the rest of the body. Once the message is received in the brain or the body, it is converted into action, resulting in the release of the euphoric, relaxing, sedative or stimulating neurochemicals deemed appropriate to the session.

The Limbic system was developed 70 million years ago and used to be called, Rhinencephalon (from the Greek, rhia, which is nose and encephalon which is brain.

It is important to note that the common bond shared by Essential Oils and the True Rife technology is Frequencies.


Although True Rife Essential Oils were formulated to increase the benefits of the Body Systems sessions, the oils are able to enhance other sessions as well.

We want you to be able to match the best Essential Oil for your particular concern which is why these pages were created. Hopefully, it will be the guide to assist you in choosing the essential oil that is right for you.