The Heart & Circulation

Poor circulation among the elderly is a problem as bodily functions slow down with age. This slowing age. This slowing down affects the regeneration of cell tissue which results in all bodily

functions losing energy, possible constipation and muscles lacking tone due to insufficient exercise. Poor circulation is especially evident in anyone who has suffered a heart attack or stroke.

To better understand the amazing Heart, one should be aware it is a part of the Cardiovascular system which is comprised of the Heart, Blood and Blood Vessels. The Cardiovascular system is also known as the Circulatory system. They work together functioning the flow of life in the body. If the Cardiovascular system stops for a minute, rapid death will occur.

The Heart if the main organ of the Cardiovascular system and is responsible for distributing blood throughout the body. It is a hollow muscular organ made of strong cardiac muscles. The Heart can push the blood through the Circulatory system with great force. In fact, the push of the Heart is the major force that causes the circulation of blood through the human body.

The Heart is made up of three layers. Pericardium, Myocardium, Endocardium. Heart diseases are categorized as the " leading cause of death in the U.S". (CDC gov.)

BLOOD VESSELS: Human beings have a closed type of Circulatory system in which blood does not come in direct contact with body tissues. Instead, blood flows in restricted pathways called blood vessels. Material are exchanged between blood and body tissues through walls of blood vessels. The blood vessels are the pathways of blood in the human body. There are three main types of blood vessels: Arteries, Capillaries, Veins.

BLOOD: Blood is a specialized tissue of the body that exists in fluid form. It is one of the five basic types of tissues in the human body. The Blood consists of two major portions: Blood Cells, Plasma.

Plasma is the watery portion of the blood that makes it fluid. 90% of blood plasma is water and the remaining 10% is proteins, inclusions and waste products. Blood Cells are made up of three main types: Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets.

CAPILLARIES: Capillaries are microscopic blood vessels where oxygen, nutrients and wastes are exchanged between the Blood and Tissues. The Capillaries are just large enough for red blood cells to pass through them in single file. The networks of Capillaries vary in size in the lung and the choroid (the middle coast of the eyeball) where the spaces between Capillaries are about 10 times greater than the diameter of the Capillaries.

In general, Capillaries are smaller in growing parts, in the glands and mucous membranes and larger in bones and ligaments while almost absent in tendons.

The Capillary networks are the ultimate destination of arterial blood from the Heart and are the starting point for flow of venous blood back to the Heart. Between the smallest arteries and the Capillaries are intermediate vessels call pre-capillaries that, unlike Capillaries, have muscle fibers that permit them to contract. Thus the Pre-Capillaries are able to control the emptying and filling of the Capillaries.

SUMMARY: Poor Circulation is no longer a problem exclusive to the elderly. Today, children, teens and young adults have discovered activities that provide hours of insufficient exercise as well as blocking the Lymph glands from necessary movement. When the body is not active neither can the Lymph glands be active.

The Lymphatic system is viewed as the second Circulatory system after the Cardiovascular system and has a big role to play in the removal of waste products and fighting infections, and all the systems listed relate directly to a healthy Heart.

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The Heart relies on good circulation, and a well-functioning circulatory system is essential to good health so that waste and toxins can quickly be eliminated via the venous and lymphatic systems.