The Connection

Between the True Rife & Essential Oils

Anyone, after an introduction to the True Rife, knows it is a magnificent machine, and the True Rife Essential Oils can assist with bringing those sessions to a new level.

Essential oils are not petroleum, and therefore, not oily; they are lipids or a fatty acid. Our bodies are made up of fatty acids or lipids which should be an immediate clue as to why Essential Oils are so effective. Essential Oils are a stimulus. The body's systems do not think, reason or judge. They just respond to stimulus, and Essential Oils, in this case, are the stimulus. The added fact that Essential Oils have recall only adds to the benefit of the True Rife sessions.

Essential Oils have virtually no side effects, are easy to use, affordable and a pleasure in which to engage. Essential Oils offer an effective holistic approach to support health for our body, mind and spirit. Each Essential Oil has several unique pharmacological effects such as anti-bacterial, anti-viral, rejuvenation, calming, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, vasodilator, sedative, adrenal stimulating to name a few. These are the properties that provide the connection to the frequencies of the True Rife.

It is the reason why enhancing a True Rife Body System session is recommended.

To further assist with the thirty-three Body System programs, we are providing an Information Section geared to give you more insight into each of the body's systems and how they work for you and, at times, against you. This is the purpose of the True Rife, True Rife Essential Oils and the website.

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The information on this page is for educational purposes only and should not replace consultation with a health care provider. The material offered here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and is available to the general public via various public sources.