The main role of the Lymphatic System is to quickly and efficiently remove waste products excreted from the tissues of the body that are the result of the tissues activities.

It also play a role in the body's Immune System, helping fight infection by filtering out harmful microbes such as bacteria and viruses. In addition, it distributes fat soluble nutrients.

The Lymph System is viewed as the secondary Circulatory System (the first is the Cardiovascular System), and it relies on physical activity and muscle compression to move the Lymphatic fluid throughout the body to cleanse and detoxify.


Lymphatic Fluid - semi-liquid through the Lymphatic vessels

Lymph Nodes - many, small bean-shaped structures that filter the Lymphatic fluid.

Lymphatic Vessels - a network of large and small vessels that reach all parts of the body

Spleen - acts as a blood reservoir and produces white blood cells

Tonsils - a pair that deals with microbes that enter the nose or mouth.

Joni Keim, Author, "Practical Aromatherapy For Self Care"

The ONLY WAY to keep the Lymphatic System functioning as it should, and that is to MOVE! Movement allows the Lymph fluids to flow. People with a sedentary lifestyle are destines to find themselves in a sluggish, agitated state due to the toxins that accumulate in the vessels with no place to go.




Simples Exercises at the work desk


Regular Breaks from the computer

Do Small Chores during TV commercials

Get to the Gym

Park as far from the store as you can and walk

The Lymphatic System

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SUMMARY: The main role of the lymphatic system is to quickly and efficiently remove waste products excreted from the tissues of the body's activities. It fight infection in the immune system by filtering out harmful microbes and more. It only works if the body is moving which is why even the simplest exercise is necessary.

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