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Getting The Most From The True Rife Essential Oils


Suggestions For The PROVIDER

1) It would be wise to encourage the client to visit the rest room prior to the start of any session that lasts more than 45 minutes so as to not disrupt the session.

2) Provide the client with water and explain why they should be drinking it during and after the session.

If they are hydrated, the session will be more successful. Actually, every session works better when the person is well-hydrated.

3) Put 5-7 drops of the appropriate essential oil on a cotton ball, make-up pad or tissue for the client to hold during the session.

4) Encourage that they inhale the scent throughout the session.

5) At the end of the session, if the client declines the option of purchasing the essential oil 10 ml of the oil they have been inhaling, put the cotton ball et. al into a zip-loc baggie so that they can take it home to use until the next scheduled session. Essential oils have the benefit of Recall which is a plus between appointments.

Suggestions For The CLIENT

We suggest purchasing the 10 ml essential oil Blend used during your session. However, if you are unsure you are getting the results with the addition of the oil, take the cotton ball, make-up pad or tissue home and inhale it from the baggie Between Rife sessions. The scent of the essential oil will offer you a Recall of your previous session and assist your recovery for a period of time (often until the next scheduled session).

To secure the scent as long as possible, always seal the baggie tightly after each use.

When Diffusing:

Follow the Diffuser instructions that come with the Diffuser. They will help fill the air with the therapeutic benefits of the essential oil. We recommend a Diffuser that doesn't heat the oil since heated units like those sold as plug-ins, will reduce the effectiveness of the essential oil. Instead, when using a Diffuser, look for a "cold-air" Diffuser or Nebulizer/Diffuser. Because a cold-air Diffuser uses water, you are unlikely to smell the scent of the oil, but rest assured it is doing its work.


Steam Inhalation - Add 1-2 drops of Essential Oil into a small bowl of hot water. Keeping your eyes tightly closed, learn over the bowl and breathe in deeply yet gently and exhale. Continue for 30 seconds. Inhale through your nose for Respiratory conditions and through your mouth for Throat issues or couggs. Repeat as needed.

Massage Lotion - Add 5-7 drops to a half-ounce of carrier oil or unscented TR Lotion. Shake well before each use.

Body Lotion - Add 5-7 drops to a half-ounce of unscented TR Lotion and apply to your body as desired. Shake well before each use.

Bath - Add 5-7 drops to one cup of Epsom Salts and pour into the bath under running water as it finishes filling the tub. It will emulsify the water and oils so that the oils do not rise to the top.

Shower - Add 5-7 drops to a half-ounce of carrier oil, rub over your body or add 3-5 drops to the shower drain, turn on the water and enjoy a warm therapeutic aromatic experience. This system is an excellent source of relief when suffering with a Respiratory problem as well.

Foot Bath - Add 5-7 drops to one-half cup of Epsom Salts. Fill dish basin with warm water, add mixture and soak.

Compress - Add 5-7 drops into a small bowl of desired warm or cold water; Agitate well; Soak cloth with water; Squeeze out excess water and apply to affected area. The temperature of the water is dependent on desired result.

Misting - Add 20-25 drops to one ounce of (preferably non-chlorinated) water. Place in a glass bottle with a mister top. Shake well before use. Substitute a plastic bottle if you have no other choice.

The information on this page is for educational purposes only and should not replace consultation with a health care provider. The material offered here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and is available to the general public via various public sources.