Emotional Balance

Emotional Maturity and Emotional Health are vital for a person's well-being, and for the health of communities (not to ignore World Peace). Letting Emotions run away from common sense has caused much grief throughout history.

Emotions Relate To Water. Like the sea, they build and peak like waves and the tides, and negative Emotions are not easily dealt with once they have built up. Positive Emotions are essential in being "who we are meant to be", wonderfully spiritual beings full of vitality, passion and enthusiasm.

We don't always feel that way, no one does. It's partly because much of society has been conditioned to think that we are merely advanced animals who have evolved to the top of the food chain. Such belief raises the possibility that it is the reason for a world plagued by wars and violence.

The solution is not to suppress or deny negative thoughts and Emotions but to heal and transform them so they are "dis-eased". If left long enough, they will manifest as disease in the physical body.

It is more productive to work on transforming back into the wonderful whole being we really are.

Emotions Are Often Upset By What Others Say. It is the wounded ego that moves people from remaining centered in their heart and remembering their self-worth.

The responsibility belongs to the individual, and that is the way it should be so that no one else can decide how one should feel or what one should think.

There are several aspects to the psyche. The part that usually feels hurt is the soul, some call it the "Inner Child". It is the role of the mature androgynous spirit, or Higher Self, to comfort and teach the soul. No one else can teach another person if the person if the person is not ready to learn which is why the responsibility rests with the person him or herself.

There is a wise saying that speaks to this charge:


The individual , of course, is the "Student", and it is the student who must look inward to find the "Teacher" within them. There is little Emotional Balance that can be accomplished if the individual expects someone will come to their rescue while they do nothing.

SUMMARY: TR Emotional Balance Blend, when used in True Rife sessions, does not relieve the individual of their responsibility, but it may ease the turmoil and anxiety of finding the "Teacher Within Them" so they can uncover and recognize the balance they seek.

True Rife Emotional Balance Blend Ingredients: Mandarin, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Orange, Spearmint, Tangerine, Lemon

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