Quality and Performance

OUR MISSION is to provide essential oils that enhance and complement the Body System programs. The cost of every essential oil on this site is determined by the cost of each oil in the blend, and we haven't had a price increase since this site was made available in 2013 despite the increase in most of the essential oils over time. We don't know if we can make this claim indefinitely, but we want viewers to understand this site and these wonderful oils exist exclusively to assist True Rife programs in the Body Functions folder.*

* FOUR STEPS to finding the True Rife Essential Oils.com website in your True Rife

1/ Open Programs.

2/ Open Body Functions Folder (second on the list).

3/ Select Desired Program. If you are curious about the different programs, pick one, and it will lead to our website.

4/ Select Link found on the right of the site under Additional Resources and scroll down. It is the last link posted.

We have been asked if our essential oils come from two well-known essential oils companies in the United States. The short answer is "no". It's not that they aren't good oils but they are Multi-Level Marketing companies which do not align with our mission. Their main function is to create a business for its members which comes with certain requirements, and ours is locked into providing essential oils that enhance the True Rife Body Function programs.

We are in a partnership with an Essential Oils company located in the northwest that is not multi-level but has helped us formulate specific essential oils that complement each of the Body Functions.


We searched at length for a company with integrity, with access to many sources worldwide, and one that provided proof of the quality and testing of their essential oils.

The company we found provided us with Blends formulated by a clinical aroma therapist and her staff. She has worked with Hospice and with many hospitals extensively and is highly respected in her field. Her reputation of excellence has brought other essential oils companies to request that she create blends for them.

From the positive reports we are receiving, we feel we chose wisely, and we are proud to be distributors for TR essential oils developed within this company, and we cannot deny we are pleased that we have helped so many with the addition of the essential oils to their sessions that we hope we can continue to provide the same help for others.


The Essential Oils are tested in an independent laboratory for an accurate analysis that includes Gas Chromatography or Gas Liquid Chromatography (GC or GlC), Mass Spectrometry (MS) and Flame Ionization Detection (FID) which is used in conjunction with GC.

NOTE: FID testing is not done by all companies that request GC/GLC testing. It is expensive and at times may be avoided by some companies due to cost.

The oils are tested for pesticides, synthetics adulterations and natural constituents to assure they are in the appropriate range to insure their property integrity.

True Rife Essential Oils are all propriety blends and not available from other distributors.